Animation Designer

Animation Designer

Santa Barbara, CA

The Animation Designer utilizes various computer applications to create images and effects for Yardi video projects to create a wide range of content across Yardi distribution channels to produce engaging content that comes to life on screen. The Animation Designer works with creative leads to conceptualize ideas and assemble media assets into high-quality content that supports production objectives. The Animation Designer leverages multiple animation styles and techniques ranging from highly stylized to very realistic to concept original graphics or take animation-ready assets and prep them for animation.


  • Creates high quality full performance animations
  • Produces post-production and final delivery of content that includes marketing videos, training, user conference videos, and more
  • Trims shots, edits programs to specified lengths, and assembles segments in a way that presents a story with maximum effect
  • Reviews programs for quality control and make corrections; technical and editorial
  • Works with creative leads to champion the cinematic vision and establish goals, milestones, and schedules
  • Collaborates closely with other departments to ensure the best possible fusion of storytelling, brand and visual language
  • Creates sketches, artwork, and illustrations
  • Designs animated backdrops for characters
  • Crafts storylines for characters and animation that is paired with special effects, soundtracks, and other layouts
  • Syncs characters' movements to soundtracks or voiceovers
  • Records dialogue
  • Stays abreast of trending techniques in video production and applies knowledge to projects


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related area (graphic design, animation, multimedia design, fine art, film studies or CGI and 3D modelling) or an equivalent portfolio of work demonstrating expertise in the field of Animation
  • Two plus (2+) years of experience in after effects
  • Two plus (2+) years of experience in video editing
  • Proven experience with animation and editing systems, sound design, color correction, video production and codec compression standards
  • Proven expertise Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Demonstrated understanding of storytelling, pacing, timing, body movement, facial expressions and visual language
  • Demonstrated eye for design, composition, color theory, typography and animation fundamentals
  • Experience setting up production pipelines that align with brand directives
  • Experience with hardware/software for animation, video and audio format conversion and compression


  • Expertise with Motion Builder is a plus
  • Experience working in (or education in) Marketing is a plus
  • Experience in the real estate industry is a plus
  • Experience working for a software company is a plus


  • Solid foundation with all aspects of animation, editing, media archiving and media management
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to effectively and professionally interact within a team environment
  • Ability to transform creative ideas and concepts into dynamic visual content
  • Highly motivated self-starter with desire to improve skills and can work independently with limited supervision
  • Understanding of video file formats, video analysis and metadata
  • Ability to be flexible in schedule and adapt to constant change
  • Strong attention to detail and the ability to change directions quickly while maintaining and retaining the highest caliber of work
  • Positive and professional work attitude
  • Strong professional communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to organize workload, manage priorities, meet deadlines and work well within a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment.


  • Ability to work at assigned locations
  • Perform tasks for long periods of time on a computer
  • Regular attendance is an essential function of this job


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Santa Barbara, CA

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